Meggan Jack

Went to an Alternate School, spent a fair bit of time in the art room while my friends attended drama. ( Speech being a fearful thing for me being a stutterer )
Worked  solely in black and white, fine black pen drawings, patterns, elves wearing pointy pixie hats, and charcoal rock-scapes. I was scared to use colour.
Coerced into the drama room, moved into non verbal dance drama,  re-finding  my clear speech thru the movement therapy, dance naturally provides.
Studied Mime, at the E'cole de Mimodrame de Marcel Marceau  in Paris,to enlarge and clarify my' Movement Dance',  to a visually explicit medium.

 Set up ran a Creative Arts Workshop,  began working as a 'Life Model' for Melbourne State Teachers College, for 9 years, 'being paid to have free art lessons'.

Learning to crochet in '87, I quickly taught myself to work in colourful patterns in what is now known as Tapestry Crochet, and intuitively made myself a pointy 'Gumnut Pixie' Hat.
Friends and market customers were soon requesting hats from me at my weekly stall of hand painted wearable art clothes, at St Andrews Market outside Melbourne.

Having been a Hat Maker for 22 years,and involved with The Alice Springs Beanie Festival since 2003, I now call myself a 'Beanieologist'.

I have won numerous awards there and elsewhere,for my Fibre art.

Nomadic travelling artist and artisan, '95 to '07, I have now set up a fixed abode studio on a ridge above  Tyalgum  to begin working on my many 'field notes', painting in Acrylics on large canvases, and a sculpture, of the caldera.
I will be opening my studio to visitors by appointment..

Classes in creative use of Crochet will also begin shortly, and I would love to take people out for 'Plein Air' sessions in the area.